Recipe ideas

nyama choma chicken stirfry

Get ready to wok an droll with our Nyama Choma Chicken Stirfry! Use your favourite Nyama Choma spice!

nyama choma BBQ chicken pot

Amp up ubumnandi with our simple BBQ Chicken Pot Meal!

nyama choma chicken tacos

Experience the vibrant flavours of South Africa with our Nyama Choma Chicken Tacos!

NC January Recipe Post (940 x 788 px)
NC BBQ Chicken Pot (940 x 788 px)

nyama choma toasty mince and cheese wraps

Nyama Choma Grill Seasoning flavours, gooey melted cheese and red peppers, all wrapped up in a toasty wrap!

nyama choma fried chicken and waffles

Indulge in the perfect balance of savoury and sweet with our mouth-watering Crispy Fried Chicken & Waffles!

nyama choma lentil sishebo soup

Discover the magic of Sishebo Spice and elevate your lentil soup to a whole new level!
Try this hearty recipe!

Toasty Mince and Cheese Wraps
Nyama Choma Fried Chicken and Waffles
Nyama Choma Lentil Sishebo Soup

nyama choma beef & veg sishebo

Do you eat Umbeko/leftovers for breakfast?
Try Vicky's recipe for Beef & Veg made with our Sishebo Spice!

nyama choma chicken tomato smoor

Zama this Chicken Drumsticks with Tomato & Onion Smoor recipe to excite those taste buds!

nyama choma grilled bbq short ribs

You can try them all, but ok'salayo our Grilled BBQ Short Ribs take the title!
Try our recipe!

Nyama Choma Beef & Veg Sishebo
Nyama Choma Chicken Tomato Smoor
Nyama Choma Grilled BBQ Short Ribs

nyama choma lemon & herb chicken

For the days where you feel like something delicious with fresh lemon flavours, go for this simple Lemon-Herb Chicken recipe!

nyama choma sishebo mala mogodu

An easy and simple, yet flavourful and delicious recipe from The Pretty Chef with our all-in-one Sishebo Spice!

nyama choma mince & cheese sandwich

Zishaye ngale - Mince & Cheese Grilled Sandwich for a toasty way to enjoy the day!

Nyama Choma Lemon & Herb Chicken
Nyama Choma Mala Mogodu
Nyama Choma Grilled Mince & Cheese Sandwich

nyama choma cheesy chicken burrito

We've put a Mzansi spin on a Mexican favourite! Enjoy our Cheesy Chicken Burrito. Monate fela!

nyama choma meatballs

Meatballs make the world a mnandi place, and with Nyama Choma it tastes even better!

nyama choma sishebo oxtail stew

Make a mouth-watering Sishebo Oxtail stew with this recipe by Leyfort's Kitchen, you can thank us later!

Nyama Choma Cheesy Chicken Burrito
Nyama Choma Mac & Cheese
Nyama Choma Sishebo Oxtail Stew

nyama choma meatballs

Meatballs make the world a mnandi place, and with Nyama Choma it tastes even better!

nyama choma sweet & spicy meat rub

Vava Vum those tastebuds! Grab ALL your Nyama Choma favourites to create inkunzi ye-spice rub!

nyama choma Chilli Con Carne

Izinto z'yavutha!
Keep it hot and spicy with Nyama Choma using this Chilli Con Carne recipe.

Nyama Choma Meatballs
Nyama Choma Meat Rub
Chilli Con Carne

nyama choma Umbhako bread

Umbhako is a soft centred Xhosa bread with a delicious outer crust. Give it some savoury Vava Vum with Nyama Choma BBQ Spice.

nyama choma delicious dombolo

Classic stovetop steamed bread. Add some Nyama Choma Vava Vum to your Dombolo with a meatball hidden surprise!

nyama choma mince meat magwinya

Call it magwinya or vetkoek, it's a favourite. Deep-fried yumminess filled with Nyama Choma curry mince. Iyashaya!

Nyama Choma Umbhako Bread
Nyama Choma Delicious Dombolo
Nyama Choma Mince Meat Magwinya

nyama choma beer bread

No yeast? No problem! Use a can of beer to get a quick rise out of your bread. Add Nyama Choma for a savoury kick!

nyama choma Chicken & mushroom pizza

Uthando olungaka madoda! Enjoy this heart-shaped Chicken & Mushroom Pizza recipe.

nyama choma boerewors sishebo

Monate wa Boerewors Stew using our Nyama Choma Sishebo Spice!
Recipe by Meals For You With Hunadi

Nyama Choma Beer Bread
Nyama Choma Chicken & Mushroom Pizza
Nyama Choma Boerewors Sishebo

nyama choma crisp & sticky chicken

Kwaze kwamnandi kwa Nyama Choma!
Try our take on a Korean dish using our Crisp & Sticky Chicken recipe.

nyama choma sishebo chicken stew

Ziyakhala ke manje with this chicken stew made with our Sishebo Spice.
Recipe by Dine With Neli

nyama choma beer batter fish & chips

Z'khiphe zonke and serve that 'wow factor' on a plate! Zitike this crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips.

Nyama Choma Crsip & Sticky Chicken
Nyama Choma Sishebo Chicken Stew
Nyama Choma Beer Batter Fish & Chips

nyama choma sishebo lamb knuckle stew

Ziwa ngale, Ziiiiwa ngale with our Sishebo Spice for this Lamb Knuckle Stew! Recipe by Phuti's Kitchen Delights

nyama choma spicy snoek braai

Go for something light and delicious on the braai! Change it up, qala ngale Spicy Snoek emnandi!

nyama choma braai buns

Bangak'valedi ngaphandle. Try our Braai Buns for an added crunch to you shisanyama

Sishebo Lamb Knuckle Stew
Spicy Snoek Braai
Nyama Choma Braai Buns

nyama choma leftover chicken curry

Z'yakhala ke manje! Don't let leftovers go to waste, try this full flavoured Chicken Curry Stew with our Sishebo Spice

nyama choma bean salad

Any great braai features a delicious side dish and sithi zikhiphe zonke with this Nyama Choma Bean Salad!

nyama choma chops & green beans

Make your braai legendary! Try this BBQ Chops and Green Beans recipe. Kulula and izok'thatha ik'beke!

Leftover Chicken Curry
Nyama Choma Bean Salad
Nyama Choma Chops & Green Beans

nyama choma ultimate chakalaka

Ihamba nayoyonke into, you can enjoy it hot or cold, and we're sharing our recipe for the Ultimate Chakalaka!

nyama choma spicy chicken mayo

Bring left-over chicken back to life with this Spicy Chicken Mayo Sandwhich! Ngoba sonke siyazi, it tastes better the next day!

nyama choma chicken waldorf salad

Don't let your leftovers go to waste! Vava Vum your chicken with this fresh and crunchy Chicken Waldorf Salad.

Spicy Chicken Mayo Sandwich
Chicken Waldorf Salad

nyama choma bbq mayo chicken

Warm up winter with our BBQ Mayo Chicken. Our BBQ sauce has many uses and makes for a tasty experience noma kanjani.

nyama choma stroganoff

Serve up izinto ezi-tops with this creamy stroganoff to satisfy your cravings.

nyama choma chicken wings

Give you wings a zing with our BBQ or Chicken Spice! A South African favourite

BBQ Chicken Bake
Nyama Choma Stroganoff
Chicken Wings Spiced

nyama choma savoury mince

Faka iFlava! Savoury mince will never be the same after this one! Try this easy recipe

nyama choma butternut soup

No ordinary butternut soup...Nyama Choma adds a bit of Vava Vum to this recipe. Very easy to make!

nyama choma mielie on the braai

Fresh, crunchy and braaied to perfection! iNyama Choma ukunika the ultimate guide to the best braai mbhona

Nyama Choma Savoury Mince
Nyama Choma Butternut Soup
Nyama Choma Mielie On The Braai

Nyama choma budget beater burger

When you need to make your beef mince stretch a bit further, add Soya Mince with this recipe and make 10 patties!

nyama choma crumbed chicken

Not just a crumbed chicken...use this recipe and add some vava vum to your batter!

nyama choma beef sishebo

More nga with every bite when you add some Nyama Choma to your sishebo!

Nyama Choma Budget Beater Burger
Nyama Choma Crumbed Chicken
Nyama Choma Beef Sishebo